Strategic Partners

SRS Relationship Management Certification Partners

partners-2016Certifications and Accreditations validate the expertise and value of staff and partners, and helps maximize investment in training by increased competency and organizational productivity. SRS has developed strategic relationships with two certification partners with whom we have joint training program development, delivery and testing / certification arrangements.



KPMG and Strategic Relationships Solutions (SRS) Inc. have partnered to create the Centre for Strategic Relationships

– a centre dedicated to providing training, advisory services, and thought leadership for relationships management, relational contracting, and collaborative working centred on the following core services:

  1. Conducting relationship management review engagements and implementing ISO 44001 and relationship management plans;
  2. Sourcing and establishing new collaborative and adaptive relationships;
  3. Reinventing existing relationships to take advantage of the relational model and collaborative approach;
  4. Managing relationship performance;
  5. A comprehensive relational training program for executives as well as frontline personnel.



Institute for Collaborative Working (ICW)

The Institute for Collaborative Working (ICW) (formerly called Partnership Sourcing Limited – PSL) was established in 1990 as a joint initiative between the Department of Trade and Industry ICW-logo-small(DTI) now BIS (Department for Business, Innovation and Skills) and the CBI (Confederation of British Industry). It is a totally self- financing, not-for-profit, organization. The Institute’s continuing role is to help organizations, large and small, in both the public and private sectors, to build and develop effective competitive business relationships based upon a collaborative approach.

The Institute is the thought leader and driving force behind the development of the BS 11000 Collaborative Business Relationship Framework, the world’s first Standard in relationship management, published by BSI (British Standards Institution) based on the CRAFT methodology developed from the collective experience of the Institute’s Executive Network. ICW is now leading the development of BS 11000 to ISO 11000.

  • ICW offers a structured methodology to underpin successful business relationships
  • Research across a wide range of global industries
  • Specialized programs and workshops
  • Close association with BSI, guidance on BS 11000 implementation
  • Range of skills development programs
  • Leadership development and accreditation of internal facilitators
  • Wide range of publications, case studies and tools
  • Individual Membership Scheme
  • Executive Network and public conferences

ICW has just established its Canadian chapter. SRS delivers all ICW UK base training programs in Canada.