SRS Strategic Relationships Business Model (RBM®)

Relationships Management, Collaborative Contracting & Collaboration Solutions

A highly collaborative system for establishing and managing important business relationships

Strategic business relationships are those relationships that have a substantial effect on achieving an organization’s mission and objectives. The failure of such important relationships may result in catastrophic outcomes such as loss of revenue, major economic or service disruptions, and in some cases loss of life. Managing those important relationships require a higher level of business intimacy, ongoing alignment, and proactive management than offered by what is generally understood as collaboration.

Additionally, research has shown that most complex projects, business arrangements, and strategic initiatives requiring significant collaboration fall short of meeting stakeholder expectations. The single leading cause of failure is that they are structured and managed as rigid transactions or deals that do not adapt well to change and evolution.

The SRS Strategic Relationship Business Model (RBM®) is a highly collaborative, adaptive, and proactive framework for sourcing and managing important relationships. It consists of three main components:

1 – Relationship Management & Collaboration System

How the parties or stakeholders work together at the strategic and tactical levels. How do they define and achieve success and how do they manage risk and change

2 – Strategic Relationship Sourcing 

Sourcing the right partner and establishing an adaptive and flexible contractual instrument to effectively facilitate continuous alignment and change management

3 – Collaborative Working

Establishing the organizational policies and systems, and upgrading the skills and competencies of people to enable effective collaboration

Our Strategic Relationships Management Service Offerings  Include:

  1. Building awareness and internal capacity to create the internal collaboration systems, and the  organizational culture needed to effectively collaborate with partners, clients, and suppliers
  2. Significantly improve the performance of existing relationships by establishing and operationalizing Relationships Management and Collaboration frameworks
  3. Helping Organizations reinvent their procurement, service management, and supply chain management functions to address today’s increasingly complex, volatile, and uncertain business environment
  4. Planning, sourcing, establishing and managing adaptive strategic relationships with partners, clients, and suppliers that deliver exceptional performance and sustainable value to all stakeholders
  5. Providing ISO 44001 assessments, training, capacity building, and certification.