Service Offerings

Relationships Management, Collaborative Contracting & Collaboration Solutions

We help our clients achieve success in four scenarios:

1 – Build Collaboration Capability and Capacity

We help our clients raise the level of awareness about collaboration and support their collaboration capability and capacity to plan, establish and manage highly collaborative and adaptive business relationships:

  • Conduct organization collaboration maturity assessment with ISO 44001 as benchmark,
  • Identify gaps and provide training and capacity building solutions.

2 – Transform Procurement and Service Management

In a world of increasing volatility and uncertainty, we help our clients transform and re-invent their supply chain for optimum responsiveness and resiliency:

  • Evaluate supply chain effectiveness, responsiveness, resiliency and efficiency,
  • Develop effective supply chain design, procurement and service management organization design,
  • Help our clients implement the transformation through a collaborative change participation process.

3 – Improve Existing Partnering Arrangements  

We help our clients Improve the performance of existing relationships or those that have just started.

Our Services include:

  • Business Arrangement Collaborative and Performance Evaluation,
  • Orientation, Harvesting Knowledge and Alignment Plan Development,
  • Design New Relationship Management Framework,
  • Operationalize the New Relationship management and collaboration framework,
  • Health Check Reviews,
  • Establish the collaborative relationship and management framework.

4 – Establish and Manage New Collaborative Partner Relationships

Establish and manage high-performing collaborative relationships with partners and strategic suppliers.

Our service solutions include:

  • Conduct a preliminary examination of the project and its environment to determine the degree of relationships management and collaboration required to achieve success,
  • We provide strategic advisory services during the procurement phase to ensure the right vendor is selected and the right collaborative framework is established,
  • Assist in developing vendor/partner selection criteria and compensation framework to enable and support collaborative contract implementation and mutual value creation,
  • Conduct strategic fit assessment of the vendor’s capability, capacity and culture to deliver on program goals,
  • Facilitate collaborative negotiations using interest-based problem solving approach,
  • Conduct training for all participants from both parties on relationship management and collaborative working,
  • Help manage joint governance and relationships.