Relational Outsourcing Management Books

Relationships First

by Andy Akrouche

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This book by Andy Akrouche provides an overview of the Relational Contracting Model, a model for shifting organizational mindset from transactions and deals to high performing relationships.

It is no secret that the majority of complex business arrangements (such as outsourcing, major capital projects, in service support arrangements, and public-private partnerships) fall short of meeting stakeholders expectations over the long run. Structured as “transactions” or “deals,” the contract parties become hostage to fixed performance-based models and change order processes that drive adversarial behaviour, and limit innovation and performance.

The Relational Contracting Model described in this book places the relationship among stakeholders at the heart of delivery management and contract performance. Strategic business arrangements are structured as adaptive and collaborative system that drives change and manage to achieve improved outcomes. Just as important, this book provides public sector organisations, particularly central agencies with the insight needed to create sustained economic value beyond the program or project bubble.


Strategic Relationships Solutions Inc., in partnership with the Telfer School of Management present Courses on Relational Outsourcing and Contract Management. How to source, establish and manage “adaptive relationships” that creates change and supports evolution.