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Strategic Relationships Solutions Inc. (SRS) is a knowledge-based, customer-focused, strategic relationships management and collaboration firm. Citing the continued failure of many projects and business arrangements, SRS was established in 1999 with the vision of transforming the way in which organizations plan, source and manage important business relationships with partners and strategic suppliers.

The transactional approach practiced by industry participants was built a century ago on principles of certainty that are no longer valid in today’s increasingly uncertain, and complex, business environment. It has outlived its purpose.

Today, the SRS Team brings a fresh new perspective, and a proven systemic relationship management model for achieving better outcomes at lower risk. Our team represents a unique combination of senior practitioners with decades of hands-on experience. We work with our clients to discover problems in a new way and design and implement solutions that deliver sustainable value to all stakeholders.

The cornerstone of our service offerings is our Strategic Relationship Business Model (RBM®),  developed and refined over 20 years, working with the public sector, private sector and leading academic institutions. RBM® is a highly collaborative business relationship management model that operationalizes ISO 44001 and is supported by a collaboration body of knowledge containing ‘design thinking’ stakeholders convergence processes, rich tools, templates and samples of proven collaboration management frameworks.

SRS delivers a range of planning, procurement and strategic relationships management solutions to help clients and their partners achieve optimum outcomes:

  • Projects and initiatives that have not yet started – SRS conducts collaborative assessments and provides strategic advisory services during planning, procurement, and relationship implementation phases
  • Existing projects or business arrangements – SRS provides a relationship health check and strategic advisory services to realign the relationship for success
  • Meeting international standard in collaboration – SRS provides ISO 44001 assessments, training, capacity building, and certification consultancy services.

Whether it is an outsourcing initiative, public-private partnership, an EPC project, or any type of long term in-service-support function the SRS team has the skills, experience and the methodologies that can help you and your partner(s) achieve success.

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