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A “relationship” approach to complex business arrangements


Bridging the gap between Promise and Successful Outcomes!

It is not a secret that public sector reliance on performance-based programs that are structured around a transactional model, and driven by compliance-based oversight, is hindering the ability of the public sector to achieve excellence in delivery and performance. Parties find themselves operating within a narrowly defined scope of enforced compliance that limits collaboration. The transactional mentality coupled with lack of insight in our compliance-based oversight models have fostered a culture of mistrust which is counterproductive in terms of the public sector organizations working together to achieve improved outcomes.

It is now widely recognized that managing the relationships between stakeholders is the most critical element of a successful initiative. In a true relationship-based model, the relationship becomes the real pivot for delivery management and performance improvement. The oversight function is enhanced through the introduction and operationalization of a Relationship Charter that facilitates the stakeholder collaboration process. This in turn leads to greater insight and subsequently greater joint success.


The Relational Model – An ISO Standard

The Relationship-based model of Management supports the development and management of an adaptive business relationship among partners, with whom collaboration and ongoing alignment is critical to achieving overarching common objectives. The Framework has been applied with great success in public-private relationships, as well as in public-public relationships, enabling organizations to consistently deliver improved outcomes. The Relational Model of management operationalizes ISO 44001 standard for collaborative business relationships which was approved for publishing on December 6, 2016.


Our passion is for helping our clients achieve the following:
  • Build awareness and internal capacity to create a highly collaborative organizational culture and high performance management teams.
  • Revitalize their business relationships and substantially improve the performance of their MOUs, agreements and contracts.
  • Plan, establish and manage adaptive strategic partnerships that deliver exceptional performance and sustainable value.
  • Enable the alignment of policy, approval processes, and program and procurement management regimes to support sustainable long term relationships.
  • Employ strategic procurement and relationships management as a catalyst for creating strategic supply chain and sustained economic benefits.

The cornerstone of the Relational Model to Contracting is a Complex Relationship Body Of Knowledge™ developed over 20 years, working with public sector, industry and leading academic institutions. CRBOK™ is a relationship and contract management framework containing rich methodologies which enable optimal long-term benefit realization.

CRBOK™ is available in training programs, courses, books and advisory services that address issues throughout the complex outsourcing lifecycle.